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Dongguan Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, dedicated to the design and construction of various exhibitions, the design and construction of corporate exhibition halls and multimedia digital exhibition halls, and the design and decoration of public commercial spaces. The team has more than 10 years of industry experience, nearly 1,000 customers, and more than 90% customer return rate. With excellent service and quality, we provide customers with one-stop solutions. The whole industry chain serves customers,

Exhibition design and construction: all kinds of temporary exhibitions, booth design for touring exhibitions, booth construction, conference event planning and layout,
Design and manufacture of boutique showcases and shopping mall props.
Enterprise digital exhibition hall: the use of electronic touch, large screen display, digital sand table, holographic projection, 3D simulation and other high-tech.
Provide overall solutions from concept design to implementation for enterprise pavilion, science and technology pavilion, planning pavilion, etc.
Public commercial space: design and decoration of commercial spaces such as factories and offices. From creativity, design, construction, after-sales to customers
Provide comprehensive decoration design solutions to create a healthy and environmentally friendly humane environment and commercial space.
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